Abs light

I have had times where my abs light will come on. some times it stays on for long periods of time and at times on and off. There also have been times when I would start from a complete stop and it would slip or buck, like something finally catching hold in the rear. It is a 2003 Chevy Astro with about 100,000 miles. any ideas? PS. at times it seems as though there is some drag from the back wheels

Have someone check the wheel speed sensors and tone rings for contamination. Usually when the ABS light comes on and goes off while driving, it means for some reason the signals from the tone rings to the wheel speed sensors are getting messed up. Sometimes this problem can be solved by using a sensor safe brake cleaner and blasting the debris off the tone rings and speed sensors.


Thank you. I will have that tried first. Does this also cause a drag sensation on the rear end as well?

If the rear axle/wheel speed sensors get messed up? You bet!