05 Merc Mount ABS light

Hi all,

So a new issue has cropped up in my 05 Merc Mountaineer. ABS light came on, AdvanceTrac and AWD cut off. I was warned a month or two back that the rear brakes need to be replaced; could this be the cause? Thanks.

It could.

If the rear brakes are worn and the vehicle uses semi-metalic brake pads or if metal is being removed from the rotors, this dust can accumulate in between the teeth on the tone rings for the wheel speed sensors. This then messes the signal up to the ABS computer causing the ABS light to come on.


Check the Exciter/Tone rings (looks like a toothed gear) on the axles. The Exciter rings came loose twice on my wife’s 98 Windster and caused the ABS/Trac Control lights to come on.

Ed B.