ABS Light On 2004 Ford Explorer XLT

*Check engine light and ABS light started to come on @41K mi. while car is in motion.

*Dealer reprogrammed PCM which corrected check engine light. - $142.50

*Dealer said no input from wheel speed sensor - replaced sensor whick corrected problem for two weeks. - $175.79

*ABS light again comes on while driving. Dealer now advises ABS control module must be replace @ an estimated $500. - Charge for advice - $95.00

Now at 48K mi. ABS light only comes on when the car is running cold and on a down hill stop. Comes on infrequently at other times.

Any idea if the dealer is correct? They’ve tried to pad the bill with various recommended “flushes” in the past.

Had that problem with my wife’s 96 Windstar some time back. Had my independent mechanic take the wheels off and blow out the wheel areas. Problem went away, and it did not cost more than $25.00.

Try to find a good mechanic than is not the dealer, they will “flush” your wallet.

I agree with wizard. Since the truck is no longer under warranty, it is time to find a good independent mechanic. This ‘stealer’ sounds like they will charge you $100 just to walk in the door.