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ABS Light is on

Hi there, I own a 98 Chevy Venture 3.4l that has 187k miles it.When driving my car after i started 5minutes before, the abs light randomly comes on. When i got to a safe stopand turned off my car for a minute then turned it back on. The light goes off thens comes back on after 5 minutes. What should i do?

You need to bring the vehicle to a shop that can read ABS codes.

Until that’s done, it’s anyone’s guess.


You could have a problem with one of the wheel speed sensors. Before this started to occur did you have any work done on the wheels or tires or brakes, new tires installed, tires rotated, wheel bearings, pad and rotor job, etc? Shops having a Chevy scan tool will be able to test the sensors by spinning the wheels with the car on the lift, and watching the sensor for proper output on the scan tool. Good advice above. If you feel in the diy’er mood you could inspect each corner to make sure the sensor remains connected to its wiring harness.

No work was done within the last 3 months

i had a 94 grand prix that had a random abs light. i live on a hill and brake as i turn into my driveway. occasionally the abs light would come on, but mostly not. this happened in summer or winter. when the road was dry and/or wet. never came on in straightline stopping. only turning. light would come on and go off. did the abs chatter at that time? i dont recall.