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ABS Problem

Hello, first time here. I have a 2007 dodge charger 3.5l. Was having a problem where the abs, esp, and traction control lights were on (no check engine light). Took my car into the mechanic to get scanned, and was told the only problem was the left rear wheel speed sensor. Purchased a new one and installed it, but now my dash is lit up like a Christmas tree with every light you can think of. Disconnected the battery for 30 minutes hoping to reset the codes, and tried driving (everything seems very rough compare to before), to no avail. Does anyone have some advice on what my next step should be?

An update:

Took my car back in to get scanned. $150 later was told that now the right rear speed sensor needs to be replace. Replaced that one as well (now both rear sensors are replaced), and the (!) light went away, but now back to the problem I was having before with the check engine, esp, abs, and traction control lights lit up on the dash…

The key dance shows no codes (was showing 1417 before), Don’t really want to take it in for another scan if I don’t have to, if anyone has any advice, i’d be grateful!

On a side note, checked the fuses, they seem fine!

You might try removing BOTH battery cables and clamping them together for an hour.

Thank you for the reply, will try that tonight!

You might have more than an ABS sensor problem A P1417 code is this;
Possible causes
Low oil pressure or blocked oil passage
Faulty MDS
Solenoid MDS
Solenoid harness is open or shorted MDS
Solenoid circuit poor electrical connection
Faulty Engine Control Module (ECM)

Read more:

You coincidentally may have a second issue. I’d be looking into that P1417

Those lights don’t necessarily mean there’s anything wrong with those systems. The engine computer may be seeing there’s something wrong with the engine or transmission and disabling those systems b/c for them to work safely the engine and transmission have to be working perfectly. Suggest to focus on any diagnostic codes affecting the engine or transmission first, as solving those may turn off the other lights.