ABS brakes

I have a 94 Eagle Vision. The ABS light is now always on and a mechanic I spoke to said not to worry as the braking system would continue to work the way brakes use to work before ABS. Is this true?

Yes. If the ABS fails to operate you still have conventional brakes.


Yes. On many older cars, it seldom is cost effective to repair ABS brakes. Owners continue to drive with just the normal braking system, ignoring the light.

Generally true and should be true of all 1994 models. You have to judge rather it is worth the expense of repairing it or not.

Thanks for the info. The car is probably not worth the repair expense.

the problem may be at inspection time.

in Mass if there is any warning light on you wont pass.

Excellent point Cappy… Some states may fail it for a safety inspection. You should ask an inspection center in your state what the law is… Our state NC doesn’t fail cars for ABS or airbag lights.