Abs light on 95 grand prix

Hi,I just got new struts, brakes, rotors etc on my 95 grand prix. A few weeks later my ABS light went on…any thoughts? do I have to get it fixed right away? thanks!! d

They could have damaged the wires to the sensors. Braking will be normal, but you will not have ABS.

thanks, k-that sucks. The shop I took it to is not close by but I am in michigan so I probably should take it back.

It would be worth the effort to check the wiring to the wheel sensors…But beyond that…1995 makes it a pretty early ABS system…Repairing or replacing the main ABS unit would be very expensive if you could find the parts at all…While the standard brakes will work fine, the warning light may cause a safety inspection failure if you must endure one of those…

Being a blond female it is good to know this stuff before I take it back and get talked into something expensive. thank you. Ironically in the motor city we dont have inspections so I dont have to worry about that.

so I have to brake like I dont have abs on slippery pavement?

Yes! With the light on the ABS is disabled…Many people, the better drivers, drive for years without the ABS ever activating…

thank you again-I will take it in tomorrow with the knowledge I have learned here today!!! women get so taken!

that’s why i love car talk!!

Please also be aware that it is just as likely that your recent brake work has nothing at all to do with your current ABS issues. If the shop had damaged a wire or left a sensor unplugged the light would likely have occurred almost immediately, not weeks later.


thank you everyone! i took the car in today and yep, loose wire!