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ABS brakes

when I step on my brake peddle the ABS starts up and won’t let me stop even on dry pavement, I’ve check for “codes” no codes I’ve checked brake pads & shoes they still have at least 1/2 of wear left on them f/r fluid level is good, my next thing to try is to drain & fill with new brake fluid, this truck has been good to me soo far. It’s a 99 Dodge with 89000mi on it.

Confirm if the ABS is malfunctioning. Simply pull the ABS fuse, and test the brakes again. The ABS light will stay lit if you pull the fuse, meaning the system is shut down. If the brakes act normally, you know for a fact the ABS is causing your problem. If it is still acting up, there is something else wrong, like a bad brake booster or a frozen caliper causing your problems. If your unable to diagnose this any further, please find a shop. Bad brakes is nothing to fool with, and very dangerous.

Check the wheel speed sensors where they mount. If rust forms under the wheel speed sensors where they mount, it can push the sensor where the air gap opens between the sensor and tone ring. This confuses the ABS computer where it thinks one of the wheels is locking up and the ABS engages when it shouldn’t.


Yes it is the ABS system, now I have to check the wheel sesors, will get back after testing.

I will check on the sensors, I figured if there were no troble codes that they were OK, I will get back after I check the sensors