2006 Ford Escape odometer and speedometer not working

I clearly have some kind of electrical issue. The odometer and speedometer are no longer visible, the digital display on the clock/radio is barely visible (brightness varies day to day) and the abs light is always on. Now the check engine light is always on. I have to be somewhere around 200,000 miles and other than this the car has been a champ! I had Auto Zone check fuses and run a scan but they couldn’t detect the problem. One suggestion I was given was input/output sensors. Any ideas?

There’s a good chance that your ABS light and speedometer/odometer are completely linked. Both the ABS system and those gauges require reliable speed information from sensors. And since the ABS light is on, there will be error codes, but not likely ones that can be read by the generic equipment at Autozone. You may need to visit a good, local auto shop to have the codes read.

However, with the check engine light on the people at Autozone should have gotten some error code(s). Did they? The codes look like “P0123.” It wouldn’t surprise me if at least some of them looked something like one or more of the following:
P0500 Vehicle Speed Sensor Malfunction
P0501 Vehicle Speed Sensor Range/Performance
P0502 Vehicle Speed Sensor Low Input
P0503 Vehicle Speed Sensor Intermittent/Erratic/High

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Thank you for your reply. I will get it into a shop for diagnostics.

I had the same problem, dashes where the odometer numbers should be, speedometer not working and the brake lights on too. The problem was a 5 amp fuse located in the fuse box on the passenger side of the center console.