ABS and Traction Lights stay on

These lights kick in when it rains. Now they just stay on my Mercury 95 mystique. The dealer tried to reset the codes but no cigar. They recomment repalcing the control module for $2000 + labor. Is there any way to make this thing behave w/o replacing the module (which in itself is worth more than the car’s blu ebook value!??

The lights are on most likely due to a failing module, according to the technician that worked on it. Replacing the module is the only way to get the ABS and traction control working again. Of course, you can drive the car without replacing the module, just know that the ABS and traction control functions are turned off, and will not work.

However, you could try an independent non-dealer shop. They may be able to replace this module less expensively than the dealer.

Either find a auto recyclers(junkyard) part hopefully little money and replace or ignore the yellow lights. Not all 95 mystique’s had abs or traction control, it is not a requirement to the vehicle’s operation.