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ABS and ESC lights with brakes

While driving, the ABS light came on, with what felt like the brakes. That stopped, now the ESC light comes on (or blinks), still with the brakes, or something acting against the wheels. This can happen at any speed and only happens from once a week to once every few weeks. What is going on? Can anyone give me some advice?


The only advice I can give is that you need to get the codes read

It could be something as simple as a bad stop lamp switch. It could also be a speed sensor or a steering angle sensor

Once you get the codes read out, we can try to help you

What year is this Santa Fe?

It’s a 2007. Thank you for responding. I know what it is now: a malfunctioning yaw sensor. until I found the correct term, I could not find anyone with the same problem, but now I see it everywhere. There was a recall for it on the Elantra?