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2012 Hyundai Santa Fe ESC light-Downhill braking light- air bag light

Thanks in advance for any information provided!
I have just purchased a previously owned 2012 Santa Fe with 3000 miles and have been driving it a week. Now and then when I start it, the Downhill braking control symbol comes on in red as well as traction control (ESC light) (comes on in yellow) and also airbag symbol comes on in red. When this happens the passanger side airbag shows as off, even if someone is sitting in seat. It stays on untill I shut the car off. Then It may or may not come back on. I just had it to the Dealer and they said it was an old code and reset. The very next day it came on and stayed on till we got to restaurant. After, when I started it, it didn’t come back on. On and off. Anyone have this happen or have any insight? I have noticed nothing in the way of performance problems. Just the lights.Thanks again.

Cars with these systems go through a “self check” every time you start the motor. The self check sends a signal to each sensor and expects a specific response from each sensor. If one sensor doesn’t reply or is delayed in replying the system goes into an “inoperable” mode and the lights you describe are lit. The means you don’t have these systems working, they are disabled. The next time you start the car all systems respond and the lights don’t light and the system(s) work as designed.

You have an intermittent problem. Likely a bad sensor, or a bad contact in a snap connection in one of many complicated electrical circuits. Until the problem happens all the time the dealer could spend hours and hours trying to figure this out. They are basically dodging you on the issue. Get good records showing the problem occurred including dates and miles on the vehicle. That way if a future warranty issue comes up you can document this is an old problem and get warranty coverage.

For now just be aware that when the lights are “on” you do not have traction control and downhill braking control systems. Meaning all may seem normal, but in an emergency driving situation these system are not going to help you maintain control of your car.

Thank you!!!

Do these systems have any sensors in common? Thanks!

Yes, wheel speed sensors for instance.

Thanks again!!