'ABQ tops nation in auto theft rate'

We’re #1! We’re #1!

Is it people arriving there on a plane or bus, then stealing a car to get around? Or is it people living there who want to leave, so they steal some transport so they can drive to Las Cruces? Or maybe this is related to self driving cars? I know someone that lived in Abq who worked on self driving cars . Maybe their self-driving car didn’t work and they need a way to get home.

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No you’re not. No you’re not.


When my pickup was stolen the thieves left behind another stolen pickup, lived in mine for a week, then abandoned it on the other side of town. I found the registration papers of 3 other cars in it and a load of discarded fast-food containers and other detritus of living.

The title of the thread referred to Albuquerque, not NM. How does a car thief escape from Alaska? Is this all the cars left idling all the time to keep them from freezing up?

Anything that aint bolted down, oops never mind.

Must be a dealer lot with a theft problem.

$120K worth of tires and wheels


Back in the mid-70s, one of the teachers on our faculty bought a cute little yellow Dodge Colt (actually a Mitsubishi…), and she returned to her car at the end of the day to find it sitting on 4 cinder blocks. Even though the car was–theoretically–in full view of the school building, somehow a thief had managed to jack-up her car and remove all of its wheels and tires without being detected. She was heartbroken, and had to have her new little car towed to the dealership to have the tires and wheels replaced.

As a group, we asked to have some kind of security provided for the faculty parking lot, but–of course–that request was denied.

In the past few years here in OK there has been a number of those massive wheel/tire thefts from dealers. In one case it involved well over a 100 cars. It boggles my mind that someone could pull this kind of theft in a lighted dealership on a main road (with obviously multiple theft vehicles and a semi involved) without someone noticing something. Inside job was my thought, but…

Back in the very late 60s someone went onto the Chevy dealer’s lot one night (4 lane road, well lighted) and stole the motors, transmissions, and wheels off of 2 of those hot little '69 302 Camaro Z-28s right there on the lot. Nobody saw a thing.