About to buy a 2009 BMW X3


Looking into a purchase of a 2009 BMW X3 - 80k mi - originally from Hawaii [1st 50k] Remaining NJ and Texas - live in N ID/E WA area of country - sans the flood question/recalls - anything I should look into or for prior to closing a deal - thanks!

Yes, another brand of car.

BMW’s have been developing a rather sad reputation for problems in their latter years.

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Is this an internet type purchase and have you even seen the vehicle? As Mr. Mustang said, used BMW and high repair bills are the normal events.

Thanks normally wouldn’t consider but the 2009 X3 has some outstanding reliability ratings via online ownership and prof reviews - have actually seen #1 ratings for used luxury vehicles

Appreciate your input

Thanks, internet - I too am a Volvo guy, just doesn’t seem to be much to love about the SUV’s these days based on reliability ratings - my ol 83 GL had 260K before I donated - miss the brick

Have a 98 Jeep Zj with 280k on it now and looking to replace SUV - safety 1st w/ reliability running a close 2nd - Jeep and Volvo seem to have lower reliability ratings these days - ran into 2009 BMW X3 reviews

Haven’t committed and Kia also has a better mileage SUV but lower safety

Which mean nothing on a 9 year old vehicle. Old vehicles have to be evaluated own their own as to the condition. The safety differences on vehicles now are really small .