Is a 2008 BMW X3 reliable for a college student?


I am currently looking at a 2008 BMW x3 with almost 115,000 miles on it and one owner. I am about to be traveling to college and am not sure if it is reliable enough. Have any suggestions?

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Somebody here is going to say it, might as well be me. Best advice is to take it to a shop for a pre purchase inspection.


Others will say THIS as well…

This is not the kind of car you should be buying to take to college. A 10 year old German car that is very expensive to repair. One that has reliability issues once the mileage gets up around 100K. I strongly suggest you find a US or Japanese brand of similar size. You will likely get more for your money and far, far less expense keeping it running.

Good Luck

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The X3 looks great! My friends have INFINITI G35 however, it has less room inside/cargo space. Good luck cheers.