2014 BMW X3 - Will it die?

Not having any problems as of today , but have just owned this vehicle for a week so far , I’ve had great experiences, just wandering from a lot of reviews I’ve read if I’ve made a mistake , I really do love this SUV , but the thought of this vehicle just dying on me while driving scares me a little

Are you making payments on the car? Do you have a manufacturer’s extended warranty? Did you have your mechanic check it out before you bought it? Do you have a cash reserve to pay for the inevitable maintenance or repair?

5 year old European Luxury SUV with less than the best repair record. You will need expensive maintenance and repairs - it IS a BMW after all. Prepare for it.

Whether you’ve made a mistake is entirely up to your answers to the questions I asked. The best set of answers is No, Yes, Yes, Yes. Acceptable is Yes to all answers. The worst case is No to all answers.

If lack of reliability causes you undue anxiety, a 5 year old BMW was simply not your best choice for a vehicle.

We had a 2014 BMW X3. It did just die. On the highway while our infant was inside. Then it locked itself and ran the battery dead with a crazy electrical glitch. It also was crazy expensive as soon as it hit the included maintenance limit. We ditched it for a top trim Mazda CX-5. Which we love and which has had zero problems after about 18 months. This is the “Ask someone who owns(ed) one” section, so I figure proof by single example is allowed.


If it is wandering, perhaps it needs a wheel alignment.
Also, be sure to verify that all of the tires have the correct inflation pressure.

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You own it now, drive on.

The less you drive, the less issues you will have. Can you park it and just look at it?

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Probably a turbo engine with all the complexities that go with that design, high spin rate turbines put an extreme demand on the lubrication system, waste gate must work correctly, and all that. Not sure if it is direct injection or not. If so, there’s potential problems there also. On the other hand folks here owning BMW’s seem to love them no matter what. I presume your concern is with the cost of repair and maintenance. I suggest to go with the idea of lighting a candle rather than cursing the darkness. BMW offers excellent service, so take advantage of that and focus on making sure all the recalls and customer interest bulletins have been taken care of, and that the recommended service intervals are strictly followed. Driving your car gently will help defer repairs also; e.g. when possible avoid rapid accelerations, rapid braking, and fast cornering. Otherwise, adjust your budget for anticipated repair costs, then turn up the tunes on the stereo, AC on, and enjoy.

Who buys a BMW to drive gently ? After all it says it is ( The Ultimate Driving Machine ) .

I assume they adopted that slogan after they stopped making the Isetta?

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Whether man, beast, or machine, everything will die eventually. No one gets out alive.


It probably won’t die suddenly, but will develop a number of expensive repairs as it ages. You will then be SCARED of draining your bank account.

Who drives a BMW gently? Come on down to SW Florida and see the dozens of BMW’s driving slowly in the fast lane. Purely a fashion statement.