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About the 1988 240 with the p/s problem

This discussion was created from comments split from: Community Update.

For the gal that called about her 1988 240 with the p/s that has the bad leak.I have a 1987 240 with 365,000miles and have gone thru 3 r&p steering units since we bought it new.If she finds out that the leak is in the rack and is going to replace it volvo no longer offers it.I just got thru replacing mine and had to go thru to get a rebuilt one.Hopefully its just the hose.What additive would be safe for her to try if needed? I used one from i think was by a company called blue devil that killed my leaky rack and had to replace it just recently.I was told due to the age is the reason volvo has decided to stop offering parts like these steering units.They are great safe cars and btw my B230 engine has had no rebuild whatsoever.