Power steering leak -1989 Saab 900T


All of the power streering fluid leaked out of my reservoir. I am still driving the car until I can get it to the shop. Should I be overly concerned?

Funny I just had it at the dealer and they “topped” the fluids. Whatever…they also checked my engine light (which has remained on since picking up the car, and yes I did notify them) and the belts were replaced and have squealed every time I start the car. Also, I was charged to have my hose’s replaced and connected as I was notified that I was missing a few. I ended up duct taping one of the hoses that fell off because of dry roughting at the ends. This fixed the "rough idle."I notified them of all of these concerns the same day I picked up the car and it was kept for 4.5 more days. These were “technician’s.”

So here I am “stuck” on the weekend and nobody’s open. I’m going to get my own manual. Any suggestions. I’m also going to call the owner of the Dealership and ask that he/she looks over my bill. I do not have another 2 weeks to sit my car at a dealership. I am going to use the guy around the corner.

Kinda, vented there…So, will I be o.k. until Tu.?


I beleive you should be concerned with the power steering leak, because I don’t think the dealer will assume the responsability of the pump. You must look closely at your copy of the bill to see if they charged you for those hoses in particular.


Just keep filling it and dont drive so much.


Running the engine with a dry power steering pump will ruin the pump. Keep the resevoir full and you’ll be ok.
It’s unclear exactly what they did to your car but I’m having a hard time seeing how they could have caused a power steering leak. The steering rack and the pump are buried on these cars.

Is the power steering fluid one of those they “topped” off? If so, that’s a pre-existing condition then.
On the squealing belts about all I can recommend is testing the belt deflection to see if they’re loose.
I would also advise eyeballing the alternator and the alt. belt. These cars used the cursed rubber alternator mounts and age compresses and hardens the rubber. This allows the alt. to cant sideways a bit and belts can be a problem even on a good day.

The rubber alt. mounts are the main reason why I recently converted my SAAB 900 to a serpentine setup. I machined a harmonic balancer on the lathe, modified a Mitsubishi water pump pulley, installed a Mitsubish alternator (about 1/2 size too), and it’s the cat’s meow so to speak.