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Fuel injector cleaner

can Gumout fuel injector cleaner damage o2 sensors or catalytic converter?? I have a 04 hyundai elantra that was serviced 6 weeks ago by a “super store”. 10 miles later the o2/cat. conv code popped up and has not gone away! my regular mech wants $1900 to replace the damaged parts and the Super store says I need “proof of negligence” to file a claim. The super store admits using the Drip Method to clean the injectors but say they did nothing outside the manufacturers recommendation. I just can’t believe that it is coincidence. I’m sick that a $42 oil change could end up costing me $1900!

One treatment of Fuel injector cleaning is NOT going to cause this problem. Maybe if you used it every day for a year or so…or a very very concentrated dose it might.

$1900 to replace what parts, and WHY? If you have a “mechanic” who uses the “symptom based” troubleshooting, you have the wrong mechanic. You need to find a mechanic who knows how, and does,troubleshooting by testing, inspection in a through, rational, manner.

Should have stuck with your regular mechanic,now he is trying to loose you as a customer by pricing his work so high.

Did you try clearing the code or are you just waiting for enough engine cycles to turn it out?

Give me a little basics on what the "Drip Method"is.

If your car has <80k have Hyundai dealer diagnose. Your cat converter is at least covered 8yrs/80k.

thank you for the quick response, i have no idea how much or how concentrated the solution was, hard to believe the coincidence theory.

the codes have been cleared no less than 5 times over the last 6 weeks. I was told the drip method involves taking the PVC valve out and dripping the solution into the system. Is $1900 high for a new catalytic converter and o2 sensors??

thank you for the sugguestion but the car has 120k, i travel alot

First, I would make sure that the mechanic had actually verified that these parts are bad, and is not just reading computer codes. I would be looking for damage to wiring or exhaust manifold/downpipe that might have happened at the ‘super store’ or soon thereafter.

If the oxygen sensors are bad, I would replace them and see if the catalyst code goes away. The computer cannot tell you anything reliable about the catalyst if its readings from the oxygen sensors are bad.

Replacing oxygen sensors is not rocket science if you have a set of ramps and standard hand tools. You can buy them on line and put them in yourself. At your mileage, that would not be a very bad idea, even if they have not failed yet. I would pay the $ for OEM sensors, rather than trying to splice in generic sensors, if I were you.

Dripping cleaner in through the PCV valve opening might clean valve stems and some other top end components, but it will do NOTHING for fuel injectors. If they told you they were cleaning fuel injectors, they are incompetent or untruthful.

thank you so much fo rthe suggestion, I will change the o2 this weekend, also I got it wrong. they didn’t drip the fluid through the PCV valve it was through a hose that was connected to the brake vacummn? this is why some mechanics CAN take advantage of people. its great to have a forum like this for a second opinion