A Where Is It Question

Can anyone tell me where in the world the sensor for the fuel pump on a 1998 Ford Mustang is located? The auto parts store said it was in the engine compartment…nope. Is it attached to the fuel pump in the gas tank??? OMG, I hope not.

I not sure what you mean by a “sensor”, but the inertial switch is located on a side panel in the trunk.


Ed B.

There isn’t a sensor that I can see in the wiring diagram. The components of the fuel pump circuit are as follows… inertia switch and fuel pump assembly. The fuel pump assembly, which is located in the tank, contains the fuel pump module and fuel tank pressure transducer.

Exactly what problem are you having with the car? Your car has sensors by the dozens and the only one in the tank is the sensor that provides input to your gas gauge.

A pressure transducer would be a type of sensor. Not that I have any idea what the OP is talking about, but a transducer could be called a sensor in casual conversation. We don’t have enough info to go on here.