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A time saving tool

I ran across this ad and was reminded that I have worn out several of those ratchets over the years and they have saved me a lot of grief. When installing a part like a water pump, timing cover, transmission pan, etc., with many bolts that are best tightened gradually in a criss-cross pattern that tool can take you to the next to the last pull on each bolt and it is easily turned compared to swinging a ratchet.

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Harbor freight has thumbwheel ratchets. The one from eBay could apply more torque. .

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Must be a misprint or something. I don’t see any place for an air hose to attach. Another one similar is a palm nailer but that comes with a place for an air hose. I don’t have one but would come in handy once in a while in tight spots but then who pounds nails anymore when there are screws and nail guns?

I thought the standard procedure for those was to use an air tool to tighten the bolts until they are loose and then one more turn. :yum:

I’ve heard that method makes for a quick promotion @asemaster. You know, UP-N-Out the door.