A review of the Lucid EV sedan

CR had mostly favorable comments about the very expensive Lucid Air EV, and now Jalopnik is mostly happy with the now-cheaper Touring version. However, this “cheaper” version is still quite pricey.

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It seems like the author passed of reduced range to the smaller wheels. I’m skeptical. If I ordered the Model 3 with 19” wheels the range dropped a few miles compared to the 18” wheels I got. IMO Lucid probably decreased the size of the battery. That’s the easiest way to reduce range and price.

I recently sat in a Lucid Air sedan (no idea of exactly which trim line it was) and I was somewhat shocked by the relative lack of foot room for rear seat passengers. It was probably one of the long-range models whose battery packs take up space under the front seats. I was also somewhat surprised by how small the “frunk” was. Overall, this big sedan didn’t seem to have a whole lot of storage space.