A Noise on the Right Side


I have a Pontiac Bonneville. When I have the wheel turning to the left at all, there is a loud vibrating/grinding sound and I can feel the vibrations in the floor as well (more then when I’m driving with no left correction). My dad and a mechanic friend drove it and looked at it and couldnt find anything. Any ideas?


Best post more info… Year of car, condition of tires(size of tires on car, what does the door sticker call for) how are the struts (shocks). are you powering thru the corners??? Need plenty of info for help…


Bonnevilles have been made for a long time. Telling us what year would be nice. Auto or manual transmission etc.

As a guess with little information to go on, I would suggest checking CV’s which you might not even have.


Sorry. Its a 2001 Bonneville SE. And the title should be Noise on the Left side. :slight_smile: I have about 170K miles on it. I’m not sure of tire size. I’m not powering through corners. It isn’t even just when I’m turing corners but when I’m driving and the road curves a bit or when I have to pull the wheel to the left a bit to keep going straight. To the right there is no problem…sounds like a regular car! It is louder when I go faster, such as 75 down the interstate. But going 25 or going 45 doesn’t sound much different from each other. I hope this helps more. My dad thought it might be tulip? joints but then said it probably would have gone out by now.



Well Golee,
sounds like control arm bushing.