A new electric luxury sedan

… with a longer driving range than its Tesla competitor. And, IMHO, it’s very nicely-styled.


Interesting that the key to the range is efficiency. Efficiency is what EV supporters tout over ICEs. But there are losses and higher voltage can help reduce those losses… and reduce the weight of copper used.

A 500 mile range in a good looking car at Tesla prices is competitive. If they can deliver 300 miles at 1/2 Teslas cost, it opens another range of buyers.

Sort of like 4 cylinder Mustangs and V8 powered Mustang GTs. They sell to 2 different kinds of buyers.

I find it interesting that the head of an electric car company thinks that no one needs a 517 mile driving ranger. for me to consider an electric car, I want one that will do 525 miles at a stretch. So at least 600 theoretical miles. Yes, I take a break when I drive 525 miles, for 15 minutes, not the time necessary to charge an electric vehicle.

The fact that he thinks driving 517 miles is dangerous tells me he is not a car guy.

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517 miles is dangerous ? Who is this person . I do the 542 miles to my home town at one time and think nothing of it . Even have done it on a Sport Motorcycle .

But you did stop for gas. That’s the point, I think

But does it have reverse charging capability? So you can sell your reserve power?

At this point in my life, the longest drives that I am likely to take are to visit my brother and SIL, and that covers about 275 miles. But, when one factors-in the possibility of extended delays because of road construction, accidents, or inclement weather–while the heat/AC is kept running–I want an electric vehicle that is capable of much more than… let’s say… 300 miles, just to have a comfortable margin.

We visit a son who lives about 740 miles away but I like to knock off about 500-525 miles the first day and arrive at noon the next day. That puts us near the Mackinaw Bay bridge and after that the selection of motels and restaurants drops off.

Our car has no need to stop for gas in 525 miles, I still have enough for another 100 miles.

I find the extra range interesting because it reduces the number of times I have to charge the car. I could drive to see the family near Norfolk, VA and not have to charge it until I returned home. We could also drive to see family near Charlotte and not need a charge until we arrived.

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One of my uncle’s was a civil engineer who was part of the engineering team who designed and oversaw construction of that bridge.

It was fascinating to hear about the various design parameters and such required for building bridges or anything else for that matter. And that was back when ALL calculations and blueprints were done by hand (with aid of slide rules.) :grin:

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My brother-in-law thinks nothing of driving the 600 miles or so from the Dallas area to St. Louis in one go and only stopping when my sister-in-law and niece are about to soil themselves.

That’s an interesting area. My wife and I drove up that way on vacation about four years ago and took the ferry to Mackinac Island.

We have dione that also and when we stop we usually get a motel in Mackinaw City or St Ignace where we can see the ferries going back and forth.

Can’t go this year though, can’t go through Canada and if we went through Chicago to Wisconsinwe would have to quarantine 14 days when we get back, and social distance while we were there.

This was strictly a day trip for us. We were staying in a small town called Onekama, roughly across the lake from Green Bay.