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A little bit of good news for car owners

… in regard to auto insurance rates:

I have mixed emotions about that . There have been many major insurance claims in the last few years and the stock market losses are severe . I almost think the increasing the reserve funds would be better. After this shut down is over people might be going out more and not really pay attention just because they are so glad to travel again. Instead of refunds lower renewal rates might make more sense.

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We are getting $100 from American Family for some reason, $2400 from feds, retired and my income has not changed, Thanks, there are so many that need it more. Our stocks and funds have taken a big hit, only sold a few bond funds and some stock to tide our cash reserve over, I am thinking people may start going door to door asking for food and thinking what I would give them. Thought can o beans, limit 2 at the grocery store.

Nationwide is not on the list linked above, but they just announced today that, within the next 30 days, they are giving a one-time premium refund of $50 per policy for personal auto policies, subject to individual state regulatory approval. They say the refund is equivalent to an average savings of 15 percent for two months.

A little bit of good news for car owners
… in regard to auto insurance rates:

Ho, hum… I’m not too excited by that news.

I have learned form experience what follows money coming my way from rebates, tax reductions, stimulus allotments, returned surplus money, and on and on… free money… :smirk:

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Guess I will make another donation to a food bank, though for my birthday on facebook I started a fund raiser for Smart farm Barrington. A site all volunteer that grows organic produce to donate to local pantries, and they have a great plant sale with heirloom varieties etc… Here is the site if you want to help.
Smart Farm of Barrington is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization whose mission is two-fold: to grow fresh produce for our neighbors in need and to be an educational resource on sustainable gardening practices and healthy eating. Although our work focuses on a small geographic area, its cause is universal.
What to do with my $100 check from the auto insurance company.