A lighthearted look at holiday parking problems


Like the woman in the video, when I’m walking out of a store with an arm full of packages and I only intend to empty my arms so I can continue shopping and I am being “stalked” by another car, hoping to get my parking space, always causes me anxiety as I only intend to dump the packages in the trunk and go back in scares me, this world is just so self-centered and entitled that I expect to have my car vandalized for not vacating the parking spot…

As for the Space Stealer, when I am confronted with a shopping cart blocking a parking spot, I always pull in far enough so not to block traffic, yet keep the spot blocked so no one can steal it…

As for Black Friday today, Ya’ll be safe and Happy Hoidays…


Heh heh. The correct etiquette is to put your turn signal on while waiting for someone to leave. We usually have plenty of open spaces though, just have to walk a little. So last week it was cold and blowing and knew I’d have a shopping cart so was trying to get a little closer to the exit. Saw a stall, made a loop around and just then someone does a pull through taking it. I’ll just take another.

Don’t need shopping mall parking as long as there is Amazon , and free shipping from other places with orders of a certain amount.


I’ve been accused of appearing to be leaving but not really. In my case not shopping mall, at the gym. During workout realized I had to make a telephone call saying I was going to be a little late for an appt, so I walked into gym parking lot, got inside the car to make the 60 second call. Then got out of car and walking back to the gym. Would-be gym parker coming down the aisle thought I was leaving and complained quite vigorously when I didn’t stay in the car and drive away. I explained I was just making a phone call, but would-be parker seemed very annoyed. IMO that’s just a simple misunderstanding, not really jerk behavior.

If I’m eying a parking spot at the mall, and somebody takes it before me, even if I thought I should logically get it, doesn’t bother me at all; there are usually plenty of other parking spots… Might have to walk an extra 100 yards, but that’s just getting some good exercise. I see folks seriously arguing about this sort of thing in shopping mall parking lots, horns blaring, loud vulgar epithets, when there’s another space a little further away.

One add’l annoying parking lot problem I experience which is annoying, homeless folks and would-be day-workers standing/sitting/laying in the parking spots. Those folks should move out of the parking lot & to the sidewalks or the vegetation areas imo.

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Heh, i don’t care about eyeing spots. Ill look for a empty spot if i can I’ll take it if someone else swipes it before i get there ill just look for another. Its funny how people want the closest spot i just aim for the back area, plenty of spots and you generally have more careful people parked in the back that won’t slam their car door in yours.


People still go to malls??? I haven’t been to one in years, and can’t see myself going to one ever again. The idea of going to a place where my car might be vandalized or stolen in order to walk a long distance to spend time in a building full of self-absorbed, rude people, where the main attraction is overpriced stores and fast-food restaurants just doesn’t appeal to me. Add in the fact that infectious diseases can spread inside places like this, and I really don’t see the allure.


I’ll just add that I have little problem with stores and malls but casino parking can be another issue with no open stall available. However people follow the unwritten rules and turn their signal lights on when claiming a stall and never steal them. There have been times I just go home again. Though.

lol … you definitely made your antipathy toward shopping malls pretty clear there … lol … I used to visit shopping malls quite often b/c they had general-purpose stores I enjoyed to shop like Sears, Macy’s, JC Penny’s, and the like. But those bigger stores are mostly absent from malls now; instead malls filled with specialty shops and food courts.

And to put a period at the end of the sentence, the local shopping malls in this area are now imposing parking fees.

Almost all of my mall visits recently have been to take my power-walks inside, on days when the weather didn’t permit me to hike outside.

That is true, but on orders from my doctor I don’t go into stores without an N95 mask. Donning a mask before entering the mall, coupled with hand sanitizing, has allowed me to remain disease-free, even though my immune system is quite compromised.