A dying van

My 92 Plymouth Grand Voyager dies sometimes at a red light or stop and sometimes when I make a right turn. The odometer and pedometer has stopped working when this started happening. It starts right back up, but is annoying and need to drive from Ca to Colorado soon. What is making it die at intersections?

Amber Christine, Put On Your Dancing Shoes ! It’s Time For The “Key Dance” !

Seriously though, you may be able to help diagnose your own problem, here.
[list]Do you have the little numbers that roll over on the odometer (as opposed to digital read-out) ?[/list]
[list]Has the “Check Engine Light” come on or is it on now ?[/list]

Amber Christine, Your Voyager May Be Keeping Some Secrets From You. Let’s See If There Are Any Trouble Codes Stored By Her ECM (Engine Control Module) That Will Help Us. Shall We Begin ?

Being a 1992, you don’t have an OBD 2 data socket (it’s OBD 1), but with the engine off, try turning the ignition key :

from “off” to the “on” position (not start),
then to “off”,
then to “on”,
then to "off,
and then to “on” (the third “on”) and leave it there.

Do this “key dance” all within 5 seconds and get ready to count how many times the “Check engine” light blinks. It will send out a code or codes if it’s got any stored. The codes are 2 digit numbers.

blink, pause, blink, blink, pause . . . blink, blink, blink, pause, blink, blink, blink, would be two codes - code 12 and code 33. The codes may repeat after the first time through. You may have to try this over again to catch it. It takes a little practice. You will probably get a code 12 at the beginning and should get a code 55 “End of Message” at the end of the other codes.

See if you can do that and post the codes here and we’ll see if it helps with anything.
Is the “check engine” light on at this time?

Please respond with answers and any additional questions.