A captured rotor?

About that tick tock on my '96 Hyundai Elantra Wagon…I am told that it is a “captured rotor”. What can you recommend?

Can you “google” capture rotor and post back the definition?

How did he say it? Did he say it is more expensive to change because it is captured, or did he say captured was the problem? I must have missed that term over the years. Maybe he means that it is part of the hub. Happy whatever.

The mechanic said it was a design flaw with some models. He also mentioned Honda along with Hyundai as culprits. He is recommending that we find the whole assembly in a junk yard rather than machining off the existing rotor. I will bring your questions to the mechanic.

Meanwhile, I wonder if there is anyone out there (East Valley, AZ) who has experience with a ‘captured rotor’?

Are you saying that it is captured by design - or is it just rusted on?

I would be looking for another opinion - in part to know that there is really a problem with the rotor and in part b/c if it is just rusted on or something, getting it off is a pretty common thing to do.

If it is captured by design, then you should probably just find another shop where people know how to deal with it.

It is hard based on what you have said to tell what exactly is going on. But going to a junk yard for parts that include things like hub & rotor makes little sense when the issue is the rotor.

I think you need a new shop. Your rotor is captured by design. Replacing it requires pulling the hub. This is an uncommon rotor design, but the extra work is routine. If you’re at a shop where someone is confused by it then you should get away from there.

A junkyard will not help you. Why replace one old worn rotor with another old worn rotor? Rotors are wear and tear items. As such they are not really junkyard items.

But I am also wondering at this point what, exactly, needs to be replaced. What is making the noise up there?