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A/C went out

1ZAV909034246 I have a 1996 nissan sentra. It’s been a pretty sound car for me mechanically. Two days ago the A/C was working in the morning and when I left to go home in the terribly hot afternoon it only blew hot air. I can still hear the clutch kicking on when I switch between vent & a/c and the fan is working. Is this a case of just needing a recharge? I was told it could possibly be electrical. Thanks.

If the clutch is working then it is not electrical.

Chances are you have a refridgerant leak that needs fixing. You’ll need to take it to a shop that fixes automotive AC. They’ll find the leak, repair it, and recharge the system. There is a possibility that the compressor has failed, but if so they’ll replace it for you.

thanks so much for your advice!