A/C system - 03 Explorer

Had my compressor replaced 2 days ago. This evening I was approaching my vehicle in a parking lot, where it had sat for 2 hours. As I approached, I heard a loud pop and what looked like steam shoot out from the grill. Upon closer inspection, the pipe on the top of the accumulator/drier had blown off, for lack of a better term. I can tell that this part is also brand new. What would have caused that to happen?

Can you see if the failure was at a connecting point (like a solder joint,or even a stronger welding point)? Does it look like a weld failure? Do you see on your bill how much refridgerant you were charged for? how does it compare to your system capacity (sometimes there is a decal on or near the accumulator with this info,look around) maybe they put to much in (this is a long shot)

Looks like the little bolt that holds the pipe on the top was sheared off, and that top pipe just came off. I’m not sure how much refrigerant was put in. The receipt is currently in the glove box. But I thought about overcharging, too. Thanks for your input.

Maybe they over-tightened the bolt?

Exactly what I think,some kind of banjo fitting?