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A/C Odyssey no a/c blowing

Over the course of a month, a dealership ran a couple of “dye tests” and told me that the lines running underneath my 2005 Odyssey have become corroded, due to road salt, and that to fix it they have to replace the lines, which would be expensive ~$700-800. I’m a suburban mom running the usual car trips on suburban and city roads. Does corrosion on a 5-year old car seem right? Would a patch or patial line replacement be just as effective and long lasting? Is $700-800 a reasonable price to fix this issue?

The corrosion seems a bit much, but if you don’t take care of the car to prevent the salt from eating through, like getting a routine undercarriage wash, it is very plausible.

The A/C lines themselves are not that expensive, but the evacuation and charging are. This price sounds correct, and should include a new accumulator/dryer. It is really hard to ‘patch’ and A/C line and expect it to hold. Operating pressures are fairly high, and such patches are not reliable.

Thank you for your thoughts.