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A/C Repair Saturn L200

In May 2011, the A/C on my car went out, so I took the 2003 Saturn L200 to a certified GM/Chevrolet dealer, paying $150 for inspection/freon & dye. Three weeks later, the A/C was not working, so I returned to the same dealer, paying $$679 for replacement of one hose and I was told that was the sole leak. Thee weeks after this, again the A/C was not working. This time I was told there was a new leak (brand new, within the past 3 weeks) that had completed rusted/corroded the condensor and this would cost another $800.00 for repair. My question: After being hosed (pun intended) on the first replacement hose, is it really possible that a new leak would cause complete corrosion after three weeks. OR did the dealership overlook this on the two earlier inspections. And, is the total repair bill, now nearly $1,700 reasonable. Seems to me a completely new A/C system would be cheaper. COMMENTS/ANSWERS PLEASE!

Its perfectly possible that the condenser was not leaking until very recently. The only thing I can say is that the rust/corrosion won’t be new. I’m sure its been corroding for years and its possible that something should have been said about it on your initial and following visits.

The best thing I can suggest probably won’t help you now. Its to not use the dealer. Why would you on a car this old?

Ask around for a trustworthy, locally owned mechanic. For A/C issues make sure that they have an AC system specialist on staff (or just find your best local shop that does specialize in AC systems).

A shop like this would have been much more likely to give you a full appraisal of the entire system, give you all of the trouble spots & potential trouble spots and advise you. A dealer will operate on a completely different logic - that logic is about how to open your wallet today & on each day that you come in. A trustworthy local shop is more likely to advise you regarding the longer term & help you make better decisions about the car. Note that I just say more or less “likely.”

Yeah you got rolled… They just added coolant knowing if there was a leak… it was very small. By Law they cannot put more coolant if detected.

You have a case against them. At least for the cost of the service they didn’t fix. On the other hand you can say… you knew there was a leak. And you charged me again. You have a court case for probably total cost minus initial diagnostic.

So you tell them it’s small claims court for the total cost or fix it with a warranty… I’m looking at about all of it!!! You intimidated them with a lawsuit in court you’d come out on top… you might lose initial consulting service.

and you want proof of total cost of fixing the system minus what you’ve already spent repaid back to you.

or it’s court room!!