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2005 PT Cruiser airconditioning not working

Frustrated - so the liquid line is cold all the way to the evaporator, but no cool air inside the car. The mechanic said the liquid line was clogged and leaking, so they replaced the liquid line. It cooled for about a week, and now warm air again.

The liquid line being cold up to the evaporator is most likely do to a clogged Receiver drier. The system may be full of contaminants that will require a lot of cleaning, and possible replacement of damage components. Its time to find a new Shop that specializes in A/C repairs. This will probably be expensive to fix properly.

I wonder what it was clogged with,perhaps the dessicant bag ruptured and the silica material was free to roam the system.

Perhaps if the system went completely flat over the winter and got full of moisture, and air. Then the system was filled back up with refrigerant that had sealant in it without being evacuated. That scenario could cause a big mess, just a WAG.

Thanks for the feedback. This mechanic is saying similar things now - that an aging compressor is probably clogging up the system with contaminates and that everything needs replacing, from the condenser to the compressor to the evaporator, as they’re all contaiminated. Is there not a way to avoid replacing all of these - looking at $1,400 with aftermarket compressor. I want to avoid taking “pot-shots” at it as the liquid line with labor was $350.

I live in Florida - use A/C year round :slight_smile: so the A/C was working up until a week ago when it started blowing warm. Thanks again for the feedback.

If the A/C compressor is failing causing what is referred to as “black death” in a A/C system then a Firewall forward replacement may be your best option. The evaporator may be able to be saved if the metering device is removed, evaporator cleaned out as a individual component, and a new metering device is installed. But that’s your call.