A/C Gas Smell

Hi all,

I have a 2004 Jaguar X-Type 3.0 that I use as a daily driver. This morning, when I got in the car I immediately noticed a strong smell of gas. I’ve had an empty gas can in the trunk for a couple days so I wrote it off as being due to that and expected the smell to dissipate after a bit. I turned on the A/C and the smell only got worse. Obviously I’ve got a leak somewhere, the weird thing is that the engine bay doesnt smell at all and I’m not able to smell it when outside the car. I plan to take it in to get looked at (my poor wallet) but I’d like to have a good place to start. Thanks.

You own a Jaguar as a daily driver and it’s too expensive to maintain???

Why not buy something more affordable to take care of.

First, check the gas can in the trunk. It may have tipped over with just enough gas to saturate the trunk liner. At least open the trunk and look!!!

Second, if you try to squeeze every drop into the gas tank…after the pump kicks off you may have filled the vent system and charcoal canister. Pumping to get to an even dime is one thing, but forcing in another 43 cents is a bad practice.

Third, You should be able to park on some nice clean concrete somewhere…wait a minute and pull forward enough to look for wet spots where the car was parked.

Fourth, Don’t light up one of those Cuban cigars if you smell gas.


Plus 1 to Yosemeti. Tank, fuel lines, filter, injector lines, and emissions. Worth crawling under the car with a good light and taking a looksee.