Gas fumes

I’ve been smelling gasoline fumes outside rear and sides of 2004 Malibu Maxx. No DTCs setting, although I left gas cap off while running, opened port of purge solenoid (also while engine running), and checked all fuses marked emissions. Dealer said they needed to charge $500 just to take tank down to check for leaks. Does not matter if it is cold or been running for an hour. Any ideas?

Ask around for recommendations for a good independent shop. Just raising the car for a close inspection could lead to finding the source of the problem and an estimate for the actual repair.

We had a gas leak years ago and a mechanic used a hand-held device that detected leaks – it made an audible clicking sound when in the presence of fuel vapor.
Our gas cap had a bad seal, which prevented it from completely seating. Hope this helps.

My car also has a strong gas smell, and no one has been able to figure it out. Mine is most noticeable after idling & when going into reverse. However, sometimes I won’t smell it for a couple weeks, then I’ll smell it every day for a week. It’s extremely inconsistent (of course, never does it when I bring it to the shop!), and I can’t find that it’s directly related to me filling up or anything else. Would love to know if you get this resolved!

@troopergirl - when you fill up with gas, do you stop at the first ‘click’, or do you add more? If the latter, then stop doing that and see if it helps.

@texases That is a good suggestion, but honestly, I can’t remember the last time I filled it up completely! I usually just put $30 or $40 here and there.

OK, then that’s probably not the problem. Is it more at the front or back of the car? What make/model/year/miles?

@texases It always happens once I’m driving, and it comes in through my vents. I haven’t been able to pinpoint front or back when standing outside of the car. The worst is the smell inside the car. 2000 Isuzu Trooper with about 200,000 miles (but has a new engine).

Coming in the vents while driving usually means something in the engine compartment is leaking. You’ll need a shop that has a exhaust gas/hydrocarbon detector, many do, then when it happens go there to have them see if they can detect the source of the leak.

Did the odor start happening at the time you had the engine replaced?