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Gas leak

I got Jaguar 3.0 - 05 1 day after filling full tank of gas and when I get home I smell a fuel real bad , go check around I see gas dropping right below gas tank , next day try to bring them to check up it not drop any more but still smell , what wrong with that

Contact A Jaguar Dealer. Many 2005 Jaguar S-Type Vehicles Are The Subject Of A Recall.

Certain of these vehicles have a fuel pump module seal that will leak gasoline onto the ground when the tank is filled completely.

You can possibly have a revised seal installed free of charge and in some cases Jaguar has to replace the gas tank itself.

Have your Vehicle Identification Number handy and call a Jaguar dealer to see if your car has been recalled for this or stop by one near you.

Also, you can telephone Jaguar at 1-800-452-4827 for information and help.


Have you been in the habit of topping off the tank when you fill up? Chances are if you look in the owner’s manual or a sticker on the car, it will tell you not to do that. You really don’t gain anything by squeezing in that last drop and you can cause some damage to the car.

Not on this car.
It’s one or both of the fuel pump seals mentioned above.
I’ve never heard of the evap system on these suffering saturation issues as they have designed in protection against it.

Thanks I will call them to check

The gas tank of Jag never let you to do that, cause when it fill up to ready you can’t pump it again , thank you any way .

Like I said, it’s designed to prevent such issues.