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A/C conks out after 35000 miles

Is it normal for a Lincoln LS to need a compressor as well as low and high shrader valves to require replacement after just 35000 miles. The car is a 2002MY and consequently out of warranty. Repair/Replacement estimate by the dealer is quoted at $1200.00. Should Ford cover this as a policy adjustment? Are there any other options open to me? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

It’s not normal but it does happen. I don’t see any service bulletins that might have helped your case with the dealership. You might want to see an independent mechanic and get a second opinion on price. I don’t like rebuilts but a good used compressor might save you a few hundred dollars since your car is 9 years old.

It’s not terribly uncommon for an air conditioning system to need this kind of work after nine years. If you wanted to go up the ladder, so to speak, with Lincoln, you may be able to get some kind of discount on the basis of the car only having 35k miles on it, but I wouldn’t count too highly on it. I would definitely try shopping around to get a better price. The dealership will most likely be your highest bid. I think your best option will be to shop around.

Just a passing thought…this is definitely too early for problems, but people I know who have the most problems with their air, use them the least. This may not be your case, as you must have climate control, but I urge you with the low mileage driven, after the repair to continue leaving the air engaged most of the time whether you think you need it or not.