Air conditioner repairs

My mother drives a 1995 Olds Cutlass, and the air conditioner has gone out. Essential since she lives in Las Vegas. A mechanic told her it needs a compressor, and that it will cost between $900 and $1000 to repair. Does that sound right?

Sounds about $300 too high. I’m assuming the car uses 134A as the refrigerant–if it needs a conversion from R12, it could be a whole different story. But I live in OH. Prices in Vegas might be a lot higher for all I know. If she’s going to a dealer, I’d consider going to an independent mechanic. I suppose another option is to get a used compressor, but I’d probably stay away from that route since you have no warranty and any garage that installs it could blame any problems on the junkyard part.

that sounds a little high. take the car to an AC repair shop. get at least one more estimate. share the estimate info.

for a proper A/C repair, in addition to replacing the compressor. You should flush the system with solvent, replace the receiver/dryer, replace the expansion valve or orfice tube, and install new o-rings at the fittings. Then the system must have a vacuum applied for a period of time to remove moisture. Then re-charged with coolant, oil and dye. It sounds like a lot, but should only take a few hours. You might have $500 or so in parts and materials and then your shop time. This bid does seem high. Shop around a bit, but DO NOT skimp on Quality parts. Used or remanufactured compressors are not the way to go. Good Luck.

Maybe a little high, but in the neighborhood. If she shops around a little she may same a couple $100, but not much more.