Blazer no A/C Heater fan

Around 8 months ago my blower fan started intermittently blowing and eventually quit. The chain shop near my house told me no question it was the blower motor gone bad. Last night I replaced the blower motor (pretty cheap part) and still nothing. I can feel the engine change idle when I turn the cooler on but nothing blows. My regular mechanic told me he thought it was the resistor based on my description (though I had assumed with a resistor issue it would tend to blow on low speed but not high and this blows never). Does anyone have any ideas on what it could be? The diagnostic fee if it isn;t the resistor is $60 an hour so I have a feeling it will be cheaper to just swap out all the parts haha.

I am beginning to think it is the relay and not the resistor

Nobody can help you because we don’t know what year this Blazer is.


I am hoping someone can guide me as to which one of these is the Blower Relay. I am now assuming that is what is wrong with my blower as no speeds work, and a new blower motor did not help. I would like to swap it out but not sure if it is the left middle or right, all three look the same to me.

It is a 95 as it says in the post tag