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Buzzomg mpose

I have a 2002 Honda Odyssey that is making an intermitent buzzing noise that appears to be coming from the dashboard. It sounds like an old speedometer going bad but this car should have a computerized speedometer. It appears to be weather related as it does not happen in the winter. When it happens, the buzzing is reduced if you slow down the car a bit. It can vary in intensity and can get very loud. I took the car to the dealer and they want to take the dashboard off and it is very $$$ - Any ideas?

Buzzing Noise.

Keep your fingers on the home keys… : )

My two ideas are: 1) turn up the radio and livewith it); 2) take it someplace besides the dealer. Unless you need warranty or recall service there isn’t any reason that this vehicle needs to go to a dealer shop. Ask around for a reputable, local, independent shop. They can do most everything the dealer can just as well or better and for less.

If the question was “do you think the dash has to come off” - the answer is probably at least some of it does. But it should mostly just be the instrument cluster.

Plastic parts expand and contract with the temperature. And the dash has lots of clipped-on plastic parts. Yeah, the dash will probably have to come off.

If you’re adventurous, a Haynes repair manual from the local parts store should show you how to remove it. Or perhaps the dealer parts shop can print an “exploded view” drawing of the assembly. You might even be able to find instructions on the internet.

If you ball up your fist and pound on the dash above the speedo…does the noise change? Can you make the noise by just pounding on the dash without the car on? Trying to see if you have something loose under there that you can vibrate with your fist…?

OMG ! “Buzzomg” - I Thought The OMG And The “mpose” Were Some Kind Of Text Messaging Language - “OMG, The Buzz Is Imposing !” I Don’t Text.


Honda Has A TSB That Talks About “Buzz” From The Dashboard Area On 99 - 03 Odysseys, But It Isn’t Weather Related, Except Leaves Fall As Winter Sets In.

They say that debris (leaves, etcetera) get into the blower fan through openings around the windshield wiper shafts. They fix the “buzz” by pulling and cleaning the blower/fan, replacing it, and istalling Honda foam seals that are designed to fill the voids.

Can you get the buzz to change pitch / volume by regulating the HVAC fan speed ?