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About 2 weeks ago I was driving and I heard a big CLUNK near my rear passenger side wheel. I thought it was something I drove over and something in the trunk. Now my car kind of “dips” in that area if change gear quickly (R or D) or stop too hard or sometimes when I start like at a stoplight. I have heard kind of wiggling noises for a couple years I think with the car. What happened? Is it the struts? Should I take it in quickly?

I’d Get It Inspected ASAP. Better Safe Than Sorry. A broken Sring Or Stabilizer Bar Can Cause Control Problems Or Can Puncture A Tire. This Should Be An Easy Diagnosis.


You busted a rear shock absorber. It is pretty dangerous to ignore it.

Other than agreeing with the others the big question to me is why you have allowed a potential life-threatening problem to go on for several years and still continued on for 2 weeks after the clunk.

You should have taken it in 2 years ago.