Toyota Sienna

I have a 2005 Toyota Sienna. Last winter (February 2009) it started making a clunking sound when I pulled in our driveway. I seemed to be always turning to the left it would go “clunk” The sound comes from the front between the wheels.

I took it into the dealer and they said it needed front struts and a strut mount plate. So they replaced those, but still had the clunk sound. A little more investigating they said the van needed rackin pinon steering. So they replaced the rackin pinon. This was last May. I had 80,000 miles on the van. Drove it all over the country this summer and heard the annoying clunk all the time. They said as long as it is driving fine, ignore it, everything is tight. My extended warranty is up at 100,000 and I want to get this figured out. The clunking sound happens when I turn left or right and even when I take off from a stop sign.

I live on a gravel road (16 miles a day on the road) I have had two incicents with deer,(October 2005 and November 2007) After the van was repaired both times it was fine. I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but any ideas. The dealer said they could take it all apart and investigate for about $300.

Find a different mechanic. They should be able to diagnose this.

Clunking while turning could mean CV-Joint.

A good independent will be a LOT cheaper and in this case probably a lot better.

I can’t imagine what you paid for OEM shocks installed by the dealer.

I have taken it to two different Toyota dealers. The first one where we bought it and they replaced all the parts. The second dealer across town, where we bought our Yaris, test drove it with my husband and they could only get it to clunk a couple of times, but could not pinpoint anything.
The repairs were all covered under the extended warranty. The shocks were over $500. The one shock was bleeding so it did need replaced.
I take it to a dealer because it easier to deal with the extended warranty otherwise I would take it somewhere else.

being a front wheel drive, i would think it needs two new drive half shafts, this noise is similar whit front wheel drives as you turn it. it could also have something to do with the rack and pinon steering.

Could be a broken swaybar, I have seen them breab right under the clamp where you can,t see it.

So, your opinon, should I spend the $300 for the Toyota dealer to investigate?
Any other thoughts what it could be?