A baffeling and moody engine



I have a 93’ Infinity G-20 that wont start in humid weather or after I drive it in the rain. The thing is that ALL THREE TIMES I’ve had it towed to various mechanics it starts right up! One mechanic even ran a water hose over the engine in an attempt to re-create the scenario, but it still stated. Everyone who has looked at it can’t explain it. I hope someone here can!


This usually points to a problem in the secondary ignition; plugs, wires, coil, distributor, etc., etc.

It could be that moisture is condensing inside of the distributor cap at times depending on the barometric conditions. This could cause a no-start and will not be visible to the eye short of removing the cap.

Take a can of WD-40, spray the distributor cap down thoroughly, and see what happens.