Car Won't Start When Raining


I’ve been noticing for the past few months that my 99 Chevy Malibu will not start immediately if it is a rainy day or if it has been washed in the last few days. If I wait about 30 minutes and try again, then it starts? Any ideas how to fix this problem or what it might be?

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A common cause of starting difficulty during wet weather is bad spark plug wires.

…Or a cracked or warped distributor cap. Or a distributor cap gasket, if your distributor has one.

That is, if your car has a distributor.

If this is a DIS system, faulty coil packs or a bad gasket can be to blame.

And yes, wires too. Matter of fact, check them first!


I had a similar problem - in fact the car would stop running in the rain, and restart when it dried out. Turned out, there was a small crack in the coil. Once it was replaced, the problem went away.

Yeh…what they all said. I once had an MG that could only be started in wet weather after I popped the bonnet, removed and dried out the distributor cap, and dried each plug in turn. An interesting British ritual.

My guess is that there is a crack in the distriutor cap or a plug wire is worn, thereby allowing moisture to seep in. Change the distributor cap. It is difficult to see hairline cracks and besides, they are cheap.

A complete tuneup including wires, plugs, and distributor components is in order. This is normal, routine maintenance stuff. Old wires can arc, old distributor caps can leak.

An outside possibility is a coil with a leaky case. Leaking in this definition could also mean a bad outside case insulation that allows current leakage when wet.