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94 Jeep Grand Cherokee Waterpump/Radiator?

After driving my car for any amount of time, I notice large amounts of coolant leaking from below the radiator area. It seems to leak more the longer I’ve been driving. Sometimes so much that my coolant tank is nearly empty. I had my water pump replaced last summer for the same problem. Any ideas?

How old is the radiator? If it’s the original it’s due for replacement for sure and probably has some pinholes.

after a long drive(to heat up the engine) stop and look on the back side of the radiator for the green color of the leak. kneel down and look under the radiator frame and on the supports for the tell tale green/yellow drips.

it is particularly good to look at night. the green/yellow color sparkles when illuminated by a flashlight.

also, find a large piece of cardboard and slide that under to actually see where the drips are coming from. that way you will know where to concentrate on looking for leaks.

you could have a bad radiator, a bad radiator cap, or a bad hose (or hose clamp.)

some radiators have a small rubber stopper installed on the top, near the radiator cap. if the radiator is capable of being used for other cooling (but it is not installed, these are just capped off and the rubber caps can fail)

ALSO. since the car was worked on last year, make sure the rubber hose which goes from the top of the radiator cap is going INTO the overflow bottle. they do sometimes get knocked out, then the excess is just being squirted onto the ground, and is not being caught in the overflow bottle.