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99 Toyota Tacoma internal ignition switch

I just took my truck into a midas in grand rapids because it wouldnt start. The overall cost of the process would be 388.15 to fix it today. Is this too much, they are also charging me 75 dollars for the diagnosis. What do you think? Its not an issue for me to pay it im just wondering if this is a good enough price.

I don’t like chain shops at all and don’t recommend them. Get a second opinion from a good independent mechanic. You may save some money in the process.

I agree with Missileman in general, but since you haven’t told us exactly what they’ll be replacing it’s pretty tough to comment on the quoted price. You also haven’t described what they did to diagnose the cause of the problem, so it’s pretty tough to comment on that as well.

A second opinion at this point would cost more than the repair…Your only defense is to get a guarantee that this repair will cure the problem and that you would like to keep the defective parts they replaced…