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2010 Toyota tacoma knock sensor

I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas on my issue. For my job my truck sits sometimes for weeks at a time without being driven. At my last job when I went to leave I could hear the engine not running excellent and the check engine light was on. When I got home I took it to a generic repair shop, they did a diagnostic on the light and received a remove or repair knock sensor ($2,315). I put sea foam additive in a tank of 87 octane and I plan on doing this with premium octane on my next fill ups. Any other ideas? Thank you

Any other ideas would emerge from knowing exactly what the shop did aside from just pulling error codes, and knowing exactly what error codes were actually pulled. There are actually at least a dozen codes that would refer to a “knock” issue - and NONE of them will tell you that a knock sensor needs to be replaced.

Given that the truck sits a lot, the electrical wiring and connectors and stuff will be more prone to corrosion and things like rodents getting up under the hood and chewing on stuff. Perhaps you just have a wiring problem - like chewed knock sensor wires or even just a dirty ground.

So anyway…what was/were the exact code/s? What did the shop do to find out what the ACTUAL cause of the code/s is/are?

$2.3K should cover a lot more than just a diagnostic and a knock sensor R&R. What exactly does your copy of the shop order say?

I was assuming that the $2.3K for sensor R&R was because it’s probably one of those where the whole top of the engine has to come off to get to the knock sensor. An itemized estimate would surely be helpful though.

I thought of that, cig, but the Tacoma is a longitudinally mounted engine and knock sensors are usually screwed into the heads. While I don’t have access to documents anymore, I can’t envision that on a Tacoma. I’m guessing there’s more going on here than the OP has so far told us.

“I’m guessing there’s more going on here than the OP has so far told us.”

As usual!

It does not look that bad.

Thanks Knifen. It looks like it might require removal of the intake manifold, but that shouldn’t justify $2.3K.
And if it’s a straight four it should be easier.

Cig, you are so right…

That’s all they did was pull the error code. Just called them to confirm and they were getting a code P0333, Knock sensor 1 low input, they said they would have to remove timing chain and half the engine

thanks for your help,

Thanks for the update. It sounds like the job is much more difficult than I’d envisioned. Wish I still had access to Mitchel’s or Alldata.

Sincere best.

Here is a good write-up of P0333:

Since the truck sits a lot, I would think about pumping the gas tank dry, adding the seafoam with all fresh gasoline - perhaps 93 octane, clearing the codes and driving for a while to see what happens. That would, of course, be in addition to doing a good inspection for things like rodent nests and wiring damage under the hood.

thanks all, very much. looks like I’m still f’d. But I didn’t expect such thoughtful responses.

Firestone? I don’t trust those chain guys. Get a second opinion. I think the estimate warrants that. Find an independent mechanic that works on Toyota’s. They may know a method to replace these sensors better than the ‘book’ method.

Also, a 2010 may still be under warranty. Check that out first. 4 years is a bit early for a knock sensor to fail. I can’t remember ever having to replace one.