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99 Sebring Convertible - check engine soon/odd elec. problems

About 2 weeks ago, when the “check engine soon” light came on, I put my car in the dealership shop for service. The mechanics said they weren’t “getting a code” when they performed the diagnostic, so they simply re-charged the battery. They claimed everything was fine after that and I took it home.

Within a half a mile of my house, the “check engine soon” light reappeared and my car radio died. Also, when I turned the car off, the electrical (odometer, dash lights, etc.) remained on for about 45 seconds and I heard a “whirring” noise from the dash (as though the defroster was trying to start up).

I’ve checked the battery - the cables look ok and the posts look very clean (no corrosion at all).

What else could cause the strange electrical problems?

Thanks for your help!

Nancy in Arizona

Was this ever resolved? I have a similar problem with my 2000 Sebring and can’t seem to find anything wrong.

Now, that the check engine light has come on, you have a Diagnostic Trouble Code set in the engine computer. You can get this code with a scan performed by many of the auto parts stores, such as Auto Zone, Advance Auto Parts stores,free.
Get the scan and bring the code here. You only need the code: such as P0555.
Ask around for a good independent repair shop. You should be able to find one which has the expertise to work this problem, hopefully.

Since things are staying on even after you have turned the ignition switch to OFF then either the ignition switch is bad or there may be a power relay involved to those areas you mentioned, that is holding the power connection on due to stuck contacts.