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Check Engine Light was going on but stopped

I have a 2002 Chevy Prizm (aka Toyota Corolla). A couple of weeks the Check Engine was staying on, but after 2 weeks, it stopped going on. It stills goes on briefly when I start the engine, as is normal.

I had it checked out at Sears. They put it on the computer and could not get a reading. They said it would take an IQ over 50 to figure it out, so I should take it elsewhere, preferably the dealer.

I kept failing to get to the dealer early enough in the morning for them to accept my car for the day.

Now it is back to normal. Can I just forget about it now? Is this just something that happens and means nothing, except perhaps the limitations of Check Engine lights?

If you are REALLY worried, any (most) autoparts stores will read the codes for free. They should be stored in the computer even though the problem fixed itself…At least you learned to NEVER take your car into Sears for service…

I agree with Caddyman that you were wise to avoid using Sears.
And, I also recommend that you use Auto Zone, Advance Auto, O’Reilly, NAPA, or another auto parts retailer in your area for a free scan of the car’s trouble codes.

However, regarding your statement, “I kept failing to get to the dealer early enough in the morning for them to accept my car for the day.”…While I am not necessarily advocating that you take the car to the dealership, if you simply made an appointment, you would not have repeatedly run into this situation.

As the old saying goes, “Failure to plan=planning to fail”.

I agree with the above.  Most dealers will let you drop the car off and leave a key with them using a lock box system so you can drop it off before or after they open. 

Of the code is serious the light would still be on and there would have been a code to read. Some codes will automatically reset if there is not a repeat of the original cause. That sounds like what happened to you.

I have the check engine light on too, I took my Toyota Celica 2002 for a code read at Autozone they told me it was code 0446 something about an EGR valve, but when I took them to see my car, they couldn’t tell me where this was on my car. I don’t know what it looks like. My car is working fine, I don’t understand the check engine light coming on. Last time the check engine light was on, I took it to autozone and the lady checking it said it had to do with the gas cap, she reset it and that was it. This time around, I asked the autozone folks to reset it like last time, and they said they can’t. So, I’m thinking maybe something more is going on. If it’s an early symptom of something worse coming, I’d like to take care of it quick. I believe that car maintenance is for the proactive and car repair is for the reactive that failed to proactively maintain their car.