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99 Nissan Quest van

i have a 99 Nissan quest van with over 190K miles. It went thru a service inspection and i had to replace 3 head gaskets and the cover. When the van is driving on the freeway @ speeds over 30 mph, when i press the accel pedal or release it, the van jerks… none of the local mechanics have been able to point the cause or fix it.

Three head gaskets?

Did the van jerk like this before the repairs? What were the symptoms that led to the multiple gasket replacement? Check your transmission fluid level. If the fluid is not pink or if it smells burnt, consider getting the fluid was changed.

Thanks for the response… The van did jerk before the repairs… I had hoped that replacing the head gaskets would take care of the problem, but it did not…I have not checked the transmission fluid… none of the mechanics (dealer mechanics or my own friend mechanic) suggested this… so will do this tonight… This only happens when the car is travelling over 30 mph and when either the accel pedal is pressed or released… otherwise it cruises fine…!!!

I think he replaced 3 valve covers… not the head gasket…